Sioux Falls Natural Stone Wholesaler and Manufactured Stone Supplier

I-29 Brick Tile & Stone of Sioux Falls, SD offers a wide selection of manufactured and natural stone for construction, renovation and landscaping projects.

Supplying natural stone, architectural stone or manufactured stone for your indoor and outdoor projects

Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial remodel, adding a rustic firepit to your backyard or otherwise updating your landscape, or creating an altogether new building, I-29 Brick Tile & Stone have a staggering selection of both natural stone and manufactured stone pieces providing you with inspiration and the building materials you need to do your best work. Planning a large commercial project? Check out out our architectural stone page.

Manufactured Stone

For all her creativity, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t provide the perfect stone for an indoor or outdoor space. Fortunately America’s foremost manufacturers do, which is why we offer such a wide selection of luxurious manufactured stone.

Our manufactured cultured stone is available natural cut, ridge cut, cobble, ledge, drystack, fieldstone, edge cut, limestone, chisel cut, terra cut, or cut any other way you prefer. We’ll make sure you have the style you want for your upcoming project!

Natural Stone

Give your property the depth, character & authenticity that only nature can provide with the addition of sumptuous full bed depth & veneer fieldstone, limestone, river rock, or any of the other natural stones we offer. We make the delivery of such heavy materials easy, so you can begin creating your ideal room or hardscape right away!

Contact us today about our wide selection of manufactured stone, natural stone and architectural stone.