Tile Store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

I-29 Brick, Tile & Stone is your ultimate destination for exceptional tiles! Whether you’re sprucing up a kitchen, designing a cozy bathroom, or embarking on a unique flooring project, we have an wide selection of tiles to bring your ideas to life.

Dive into our collection of ceramic tiles, celebrated for their durability and extensive color and design choices, ideal for bustling areas like kitchens. Porcelain tiles, a ceramic variant, offer enhanced water resistance, perfect for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, while mimicking the sophisticated look of natural stone affordably.

For aficionados of natural elegance, our stone tiles – including granite, marble, and slate – add unparalleled texture and luxury to any space, promising a unique finish. Glass tiles, with their glossy sheen, present a modern twist and are a breeze to maintain, brightening kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls with a dash of color and sophistication.

Each tile type not only elevates aesthetics but also promotes durability, ensuring a lasting addition to your space. At [Your Store Name], we’re dedicated to guiding you to the perfect tile choice, transforming your space into a reflection of style and functionality.

Masonry Supply Store

As a masonry supply store, we carry common masonry supplies like bricks, mortar, trowels, levels, jointers, hammers, cleaning products and more. We know it’s important for your projects come out perfect, so we offer everything you need to get the job done right. We are you’re go-to tile wholesaler for all your building projects.

Our tile store stocks structural glazed tile, backsplash tile, ceramic tile and natural stone tile

I-29 Brick Tile & Stone offers far more than our name alone implies. Consider us your tile wholesaler and go-to solution for all the materials you need to bring your project to fruition. We provide vinyl flooring and planking, a variety of tiles including porcelain/ceramic as well as backsplashes.

We welcome you to stop by our showroom where you can see everything we have to offer – as well as learn more about what we can custom order for you – in person!

Tile Wholesaler Sioux Falls, SD
Tile wholesaler Sioux Falls, SD


Flooring & Walls

Beautiful and long lasting, that’s just a couple of the reasons tile is so popular. But we’ll give you a couple other reasons and that is the great selection and price you’ll find at I-29 Brick. Here are some of the brands we carry, jump over and see what the incredible style and beauty then give us a call and we’ll tell you how to get it in your next project.

Tile mortar in Sioux Falls, SD


We have Type N & S as well as Stone Veneer Mortar in stock! If you’re looking for a non-standard color we also have a wide variety of colored mortar we can order for your project.

Tile cleaning product Sioux Falls


We offer a variety of options for all your cleaning masonry needs!

Granite Countertops


View our inventory of facebrick and clay pavers.

Please contact our tile store today to learn more about the mortar, tile, cleaning products, and other masonry supplies we offer.