Bricks for Sale in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I-29 Brick, Tile & Stone is the Sioux Falls, SD brick supplier you can count on to provide a wide selection of high-quality bricks for sale for new construction, home remodeling, landscaping and hardscaping, and other home improvement projects.

And, of course, there’s driveways, sidewalks and pathways, fireplaces and firepits, and dozens of other creative DIY projects that property owners come up with. The fact is bricks can significantly improve the aesthetics, longevity, function and overall success of most projects. If you need bricks, we have them!

As a brick supplier and wholesaler, we carry face brick, thin brick, firebrick, brick tile, brick tile flooring, clay pavers, ceramic brick tile and more. Whether you need bricks for a residential or a commercial project, trust your local brick dealer for all of your project needs. Come view our wide selection of bricks for sale … sometimes seeing them in person will help get the creative juices flowing.


We have bricks for sale for nearly any project

Whether you’re planning a triple brick, thru the wall slim kingsize brick or cast stone masonry construction project from the ground up, installing a beautiful new fireplace with fire brick, or creating an accent wall or backsplash with glazed brick, we have the best products by America’s leading brick manufacturers to choose from! As a brick alternative, or in conjunction with, take a look at Block/CMU.

Our brick is available in every style, including:

  • Square edge no texture
  • Vertical score
  • Norwegian
  • Norman
  • Velour
As a Sioux Falls SD brick wholesaler we carry brick for nearly any project.
Facebrick supplier in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Face Bricks for Sale: Fireplaces, Entryway & More

Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and textures, low-maintenance and long-lasting face brick makes the perfect addition to any fireplace, entryway or other outdoor space. If you’re planning a new construction project, then adding an attractive face brick finish to its partial or entire exterior will be easy!

Thin brick wholesaler located in Sioux Falls, SD.

Thin Brick for Sale: Porches, Patios & Outdoor Spaces

Are you planning a construction, home improvement or landscaping project in a location which cannot bear the weight of full-size bricks? Thanks to lightweight thin brick, you can install an attractive brick finish without the need for a footer or costly masonry work.

Thin brick creates the same classic, permanent aesthetic as its full-width counterpart, but it installs as quickly and conveniently as conventional ceramic tile. That’s why thin brick is perfect for porches, patios, and other outdoor spaces, and can also be used for creating a back splash or other chic indoor accent. We also offer glazed thin brick.

Firebrick supplier in Sioux Falls, SD.

FireBrick for Sale: Fireplaces, Brick Oven, Firpits & More

Are you building a fireplace, fire pit, brick oven or kiln? Don’t make the rookie mistake of using just any old brick for the job. You need firebrick, which is made of special material that doesn’t fragment apart under extreme heat. Lightweight firebricks are also superior insulators! Our firebrick meets industry specifications for lining fireboxes and residential fireplaces to satisfy all your building needs.

Brick, clay pavers near me in Sioux Falls SD.

Brick (Clay) Pavers for Sale: Landscaping and Hardscaping Projects

Brick pavers add enduring appeal to any landscaping project. Rugged clay brick pavers excel at retaining their color under direct sunlight, and they stand up to erosion and heavy foot traffic alike. And even if clay bricks do chip and crack over the decades, they weather away gradually to create a rustic appeal. Our clay bricks are available in a variety of colors and dimensions, and with proper maintenance will keep a driveway paved for 25 years of more.

Contact your trusted brick supplier and wholesaler today about face brick, thin brick, firebrick or brick/clay pavers!