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I-29 Brick Tile & Stone of Sioux Falls, SD carries a variety of landscaping and hardscaping materials, including natural stone, brick, concrete and landscaping pavers.

We stock all the landscaping materials and hardscaping materials you’ll need for any project!

We carry a wide selection of pavers, landscaping and hardscaping materials by our country’s leading manufacturers. Whether you want to create an intimate outdoor space where you can entertain friends and family around a crackling stone firepit, enhance your home’s curb appeal with gorgeous naturalistic formations, design a charming streetscape that will lure guests into your store or restaurant, add a fountain that will look gorgeous while drowning out unwelcome noises, or keep your grounds dry and elevated for decades to come with an enduring retaining wall, your custom landscaping material solution is right here in Sioux Falls. Contact us today for your landscaping solutions!

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Landscaping Pavers

Landscaping Materials

Poolside Patio Pavers for sale

Landscaping Pavers

Great pavers add value to your outdoor space in more ways than one. In addition to creating aesthetic lines which tastefully divide the landscape, they prevent footsteps from harming your lawn in its most heavily traveled areas. And when the Midwest’s surly weather covers your property in ice and snow, your feet will be grateful for the added traction while you’re traversing your lawn.

Clay Pavers

Clay brick pavers add enduring appeal to any landscape. Rugged brick pavers excel at retaining their color under direct sunlight, and they stand up to erosion and heavy foot traffic alike. And even if clay bricks do chip and crack over the decades, they weather away gradually to create a rustic appeal. Our clay bricks are available in a variety of colors and dimensions, and with proper maintenance will keep a driveway paved for 25 years of more.

Concrete Pavers

The advantages of concrete pavers are nearly too many to count. They are versatile enough to accommodate any landscape, as well as affordable enough to satisfy any budget. Concrete pavers are incredibly easy to install, and they can withstand decades of hostile weather without cracking. Best of all, maintenance-free concrete pavers are available in virtually unlimited styles. They’re a great building material for creative landscape designers!

Landscaping stone pavers

Natural Stone Pavers

No other type of paver can match the natural appeal of real stone. Each stone paver is totally unique, with distinctive colors and tones that clay and concrete simply cannot match. Natural stone is also intensely durable, and requires little more maintenance than occasional cleaning. To top it all off, natural stone pavers are affordable and eco-friendly. The earth is currently producing more stone as you read this sentence!

Flagstone & Walls
Flagstone for retaining walls
We carry a generous selection of flagstones, each with its own style, color and tone that will add natural charm to your property. Flagstone is exceedingly durable, and can be used to build an ornamental or retaining wall that will look fantastic and function as intended for an entire lifetime.
Real stone for steps
Natural stone steps add stately elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space. Long-lasting, easy to maintain, certain to retain their value indefinitely, and available in virtually style you could imagine, stone steps are a must when weaker wood just won’t do!
Decorative boulders for sale
Few materials complement a landscape quite so well as natural boulders. Whichever size and color boulders you add to your lawn or garden, you’re guaranteed a low-maintenance and affordable embellishment that will endure for centuries to come. Whether you’re just filling in a bare corner or creating a statement, you’ll love our wide selection of boulders!
Real stone benches
The right decorative bench will perfect any garden, deck or patio – but benches are more than just attractive accents which will bring any gathering space to completion. Benches provide condensed seating that leaves room for other creative landscaping elements, and they withstand even the harshest elements without becoming any worse for wear.
Have you considered structural glazed tile for your project?

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